01 September 2013

Blogging and Internet Marketing Brought me a Car and an Own Flat

Its been around 2 years I entered into this Online Marketing world and was able to get a little success today.I don't say I have done extraordinarily well but has done a decent job and earning a decent income via blogging/Internet Marketing.

The main motto behind me start blogging was to make some quick money online and support my family financially with my computer skills.But the things were not that easy and it took almost 6 months for me to make a single penny online.At this stage I make a decent income online.Cannot reveal the exact figure how much I make as of now but I make a 4 figure income i.e $XXXX/month.If all my plans go well then I must be making a 5 figure income by the end of October.

Currently I am financially independent and I take care of all the financial aspects of my family.

  • If you are not aware of I am still pursuing my Engineering as a part of my academics.The good news is that I gonna finish it this year.I hope I will not drop out of my education before I finish it :)

Coming to the point,good news is that I just bought a Car yesterday and most of the money spent for it was the hard earned money via blogging.I also wanted to share one more thing that I helped few lakh's to my mom who is the head of my family to buy a flat. So Blogging helped my family to own a new flat and a brand new car, Rtiz VXI.

Me and Mom getting into car at the show room(Sorry about the low quality image,it was captured during night)

My final words are. if you are a Blogger then explore new strategies and expand your income ways instead of sticking to one network.Never put all your eggs in a single basket.

If you are not a blogger I am not saying you to do blogging but whatever you do put your best into it ,involve yourself completely.I am sure success will be yours.Thank you friends for reading my post patiently :)

The Top Android Apps on the Google Play Store

This is an updated list of the top Android Apps that have amassed more than 50,000,000 downloads on the official Google Play store.

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Web Of Discretion: When Not To Trust Web Of Trust


Are you sure that you can completely trust one of the Internet’s most popular resources in online security? Web of Trust is a website that comes advertised as a full-featured browser plugin or extension to assist you in immediately judging the trustworthiness of a website. It’s something that we’ve covered time and time again here at MakeUseOf, and it’s even made it to our list of best websites on the Internet. Many of us know it as one of the most useful resources in web security, and I personally know that a good portion of our MakeUseOf staff are big...

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Easily Copy Files from One Cloud Service to Another

Moving from Dropbox to Google Drive or SkyDrive. You can use mover to easily copy all your files from one cloud storage service to another, over the cloud.

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Panoramio Redesign

Google's Panoramio service has been redesigned and now looks just like a Google Maps extension. The new interface (codenamed "acrylic") is borrowed from Google Maps Views. You can go back to the old UI by clicking "Return to classic Panoramio".

"We've made photos the hero on the page while still keeping the important features that people enjoy. On the photo page, by far the most popular on the site, we've made the photo over three times bigger! We've also made thumbnails on the profile page and the world map significantly bigger. We know that Panoramio members have used the existing design for years, so the 'classic' version will still be available for a little while," mentions the Panoramio blog.

Panoramio has a lot of great photos from all over the world and it's an important source of high-quality photos for Google Maps and Google Earth. That's the reason why Google acquired the service back in 2007.

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Google Keyboard Themes

If you use the stock Android keyboard, which is also available in the Play Store, you can change the look and feel of the keyboard. Google Keyboard has a few themes you can choose, but they're not available in the settings.

Here's a quick way to pick a different theme, assuming your device runs Android 4.0 or later:

1. you first need an application that lets you create shortcuts to app activities. Some apps that let you do that: Nova Launcher and Apex Launcher, probably the best Android launchers. The following instructions assume you've installed Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher, but you can also use simple apps like Activity Getter.

2. long press the homescreen and pick "shortcuts" and then "activities".

3. scroll to the Google Keyboard entry, expand the list of activities and pick "Android keyboard debug settings".

4. you'll create a shortcut for this activity. Tap the new shortcut and you should see this settings page:

5. tap "Keyboard theme" and pick one of the themes: Basic, Basic (High Contrast), Stone (normal), Stone (bold), Gingerbread. IceCreamSandwich is the default theme.


Stone (normal):


6. use the shortcut you've created to change the theme.

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