07 September 2013

Never save passwords on your browser

Never store unencrypted passwords on a computer’s browser. Doing so makes it too easy for hackers to access the data with tools like Trojans and then access private accounts, warns German computer magazine C’t.

The magazine recommends that people who insist on storing passwords on a browser at least use some kind of master password, which means that all stored access data is safely encrypted. However, that option is only available with Firefox and Opera.

To access this function in Mozilla’s Firefox, users must go to Extras/Settings/Security and then click the option to “use a master password.” Opera automatically asks the first time a password is stored if users wouldn’t rather set up a master password.

Many computer users do not adequately protect their accounts. The most popular passwords include “123456” or “Password” — both of which are incredibly easy for cybercriminals to figure out. Worse, one password often tends to provide access to multiple accounts.

C’t advises using passwords with at least eight characters and to make each password unique to a particular website.

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It’s Not Word Bling: 7 Interesting Ways You Can Play With Word Clouds

Creative Uses - Word Clouds

We, the denizens of the Web, who live and work here also call them as tag clouds. Call them “word clouds” or “tag clouds” – they are visualization tools that helps your brain process information in a rather unique way. But there’s a method behind the apparent jumble you see. As Wikipedia explains, it is a weighted list where the importance of each word is indicated with the size of the font and color. Earlier, we have looked at ways to generate nice looking tag clouds. Tina also showed us a few uses of tag cloud around the web. But...

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Digital Threats To Your Offline Security You Should Know About


It seems like with every passing year, the Internet flares with more talk about privacy, security, and how to protect oneself from the dangers that creep in from every nook of the web. We’ve covered topics ranging from email security tips to privacy mistakes to avoid and security myths that just aren’t true. Most of these deal with your online security, but did you know that your offline security might be in jeopardy as well? As the Internet becomes increasingly intertwined with our day-to-day lives thanks to the prevalence and ubiquity of mobile phones, it only makes sense that the...

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06 September 2013

Traveling To The US? Three Ways To Save Money On Your Cell Bill


Planning on traveling to the United States and need phone service? Thanks to the complicated tangle of wireless networks in the US, it’s hard finding the best carrier. Fortunately, we can help get you the best plan for your money. Also, you can find out the best equipment to take with you on the road. The four largest networks in the US are AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint. All four networks lease out broadcast spectrum to Mobile Virtual Network Operators (or MVNOs) at much cheaper rates. Getting started is easy. You simply choose between buying either a phone or SIM...

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Ant Video Downloader: Dead Easy Tool For Downloading Online Video [Firefox, IE]


Download videos from almost any streaming site in just one click. The Ant.com Video Downloader is an extremely simple extension for Firefox and Internet Explorer that makes downloading videos from sites like YouTube and Vimeo easy – and tries to work with every video site on the web. Whether you want to use a clip in your own video project or simple save a video for offline viewing, sometimes you’re going to want to take a video from the web and put it on your hard drive. There are lots of site-specific tools for this, but if you want a...

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Salty Bet Lets You Gamble On Awesome Video Game Character Fights

Salty Bet

Have you ever wanted to see how your favorite video game characters would do against each other in one-on-one battles? The Super Smash Bros. series has proven that it’s something that a huge audience seems to be interested in, and Salty Bet takes it one step further. Games like King of Fighters, Marvel vs. Capcom, and Mortal Kombat have dominated the fighting game scene for years. It’s always fun to see those Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero and Kyo vs. Terry matches. These are some of the most competitive games that have ever come to consoles, and there is an immense skill...

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Secrets Of YouTube You Should Know…


YouTube is a favourite past-time for many of us; the chance to lead your own TV station. From you, for you. And yet, for all the time we spend on this web site, we know very little about it. It’s not surprising, seeing the size of this site, that there are a lot of back doors. A lot of ways to do things you wouldn’t expect. If you like YouTube, as many of us do, it’ll pay off to look into these secrets. With this knowledge, it’s easier to get what you want, when you want it; to enjoy YouTube...

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How To Move Details Pane To The Bottom In Windows 8.1 File Explorer


Details pane, the small pane that shows file details when selected, is one of the many useful features introduced first with Windows Vista, and is part of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 versions as well. In Vista and Windows 7, details pane appears across the bottom of Windows Explorer. In Windows 8 and […]

05 September 2013

Gmail's Option for Excluding Chats from Search Results

Gmail's advanced search box has a new option: "don't include chats". If you click the checkbox, Gmail will append to your query: "-in:chats".

To see the advanced search box, click the small arrow icon from the Gmail search box. It's an easy way to use powerful Gmail features if you don't want to manually add operators like from:, to: or has: to your searches. You can also create filters.

Google's Welcome Message for the New Navigation Interface

Google now shows a welcome message next to the app launcher icon: "Welcome to the new way to find your favorite Google products. Click the grid to have a look."

The app launcher will replace the black navigation bar. For now it's still an experiment and you can enable it in Chrome. Google will have a special interface for Chrome and the Google homepage will replace the new tab page.

In other news, Google's CSS sprite now has a high-resolution version that's great for devices like Retina Macbook Pro or Chromebook Pixel. All the icons, buttons, arrows and logos will look better.

Spruce Up Your Website With These 12 Beautiful Google Web Fonts


Over the past decade, I’ve started a number of personal blogs that I never really followed through with, but some of my fondest memories rest on theme design and font tweaks. There’s something satisfying when you find that perfect match of fonts for your website and everything falls into place. Thankfully, with Google Web Fonts, that whole process has never been easier. So which Google Web Fonts should you use? Well, you can use any of the fonts in the Google Web Fonts directory, which currently houses over 600 different fonts — and that number continues to grow. But some...

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Quickly Install Google’s Web Fonts On Your Linux Computer


Browse and install any of Google’s fonts, quickly. TypeCatcher is a free Linux app that lets you easily explore a large collect of open source fonts, then instantly install them. Longtime users know how to get Mac and Windows fonts in Linux, but probably yearn for a high-quality collection of open source fonts to use in publishing projects. Happily, one of Google’s lesser-known services, Google Fonts, is arguably the best such collection on the web. Collected by Google to offer more fonts to web designers – who can, for example, use these fonts on any WordPress site – the project...

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Drag and Drop to Quickly Share Files from your Desktop

Meet a new alternative to Droplr and CloudApp that brings simple drag-and-drop file sharing to your Windows PC and Mac.

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Difference Between VMware Player And Player Plus


Just a few hours ago, VMware announced the release of VMware Workstation 10, VMware Fusion 10, VMware Player 6.0, and VMware Player Plus 6.0. Computer users who have ever used a virtualization software would know the difference between Workstation, Fusion, and Player. As we all know, VMware Workstation is the best and most advanced virtualization […]

Yahoo unveil a new logo

Yahoo just unveiled a new logo. From last 30 days, yahoo sharing a different-2 logos. Now finally revealed today, new logo that will used for it services.

Yahoo! is making exciting changes daily. To celebrate where we’re headed, we’ll be unveiling a new logo in September.

To get everyone warmed up, we are kicking off 30 days of change. Each day, we’ll be sharing a different logo leading up to the big reveal on September 5th!


What’s your view on the, The new Yahoo logo.

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04 September 2013

Do you want to Print a YouTube Video?

The Print YouTube bookmarklet extracts the storyboard frames of a video, stitches them all into one big poster and sends it to your printer.

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Get Fooducated About the Snacks, Meals, and Drinks You Buy

If you want to get educated about the food you eat, you might start by checking out Fooducate, a website, iOS and Android app that grades the food and beverages we purchase from supermarkets and fast food outlets. Fooducate consists of a team of parents, dieticians, and techies who have established a way to evaluate the ingredients in food and report on their nutritional value. From sandwiches and breakfast foods, to meat, fish and baby food formula, Fooducate reveals both the healthy ingredients and the not so healthy additives that food manufactures don’t always want you to notice. With Fooducate...

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Technophilia 79 Live From MakeUseOf


This week: Google is naming its next operating system after Nestle’s KitKat brand, yet somehow ads on the Google homepage are off-limits? Give me a break. Microsoft bought Nokia’s phone division, meaning they’ll be able to produce phones no one buys completely in house. And Yahoo is revolutionizing the photography market by adding filters to it’s iPhone app. I’ll tell ya, that’s a billion dollar idea right there! This week’s show is brought to you by Bitdefender’s Family Pack, which protects all your family’s devices. It secures all the PCs/Macs/Android devices in a home with just one license at a...

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How To Test Drive Windows 8.1 Without Installing


There are a couple of ways to test drive Windows 8.1 operating system on your computer. You can install Windows 8.1 in dual-boot with Windows 8/7/Vista, use virtualization software such as VirtualBox to install Windows 8.1 without having to make any changes to your system, or install Windows 8.1 on a VHD without using third-party […]

How to Publish your own Podcast on iTunes

Learn how to create and publish your podcast in the iTunes directory. The step-by-step tutorial includes instructions for both Blogger and WordPress platforms.

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TweetDeck Trick – Clear all the Columns in One Go

The TweetDeck app for Twitter needs a button that will let you clear tweets from all columns with one click. Till then, use the Clear TweetDeck bookmarklet.

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Download WinRAR 5.0 Final For Windows


Majority of Windows users use file archiving tools to extract files downloaded from the web and also to compress files/photos to send via emails, and never use advanced features such as password protection available in file archiving tools. There are plenty of free and paid file archiving tools out there for Windows operating system, including […]

5 Laptop Maintenance Tips To Extend Its Life Expectancy

Old Thinkpad Laptop

Laptops are replaced every few years. We crave fancier hardware, novel features, and maybe our old device has become unresponsive and suffered some damage over time. Consequently, most laptops get thrown out prematurely. Unless you are looking for a silly excuse to buy a new and shiny device, you will love to hear that there are many ways to make your laptop last longer. Apart from delaying the headache of setting up a new computer and moving all your files over, this will also save you money in the long run. So let’s see what you can do to turn...

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Where Should Microsoft Go From Here? [You Told Us]

Microsoft is facing an important next phase in its long and (sometimes) illustrious history. The past decade has seen the Redmond-based company struggle to maintain its once vice-like grip on computers. Apple has gained in both power and influence, and the move away from home computers to mobile devices has tempered Microsoft’s influence on the industry. Now, Microsoft is attempting to change from the inside out, with a new company structure and strategy as outlined in a memo from Steve Ballmer to the employees in July. Not that Ballmer will be there to see the transformation occur, as he has...

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03 September 2013

Google Play's Unicorns Easter Egg

Google Play has a cool Easter Egg: click the search button without entering a query and you'll get results for "unicorns". This works for books, music, movies, magazines, apps and even devices.

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Have You Seen Quentin Tarantino’s Top 12 Movies? [Stuff to Watch]


As a director, screenwriter, and producer of such classics as Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and more recently Django Unchained, you’d expect Quentin Tarantino to know a thing or two about what makes a good movie. From his humble beginnings as a video store clerk, Tarantino has been thrilling movie-goers with his flavour of stylised violence, satire, and gripping storytelling for 25 years. Last year the director (among other things) contributed a revised list of his top 12 movies for Sight & Sound’s 2012 poll. Many of the films on this list have clearly influenced his work throughout the years, and...

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Plugged Into Life: Why This TechStars Alum Moved On From Her Startup To Sell Mexican Candles

kelly james techstars

A year ago Kelly James was wrapping up her time in the prestigious TechStars Boulder startup incubator, pitching her consignment web application to investors in New York City and Los Angeles. Now she’s living in Mexico, selling candles, and loving it. “I don’t want to be a part of the hype,” James says. “I don’t feel the need for that anymore.” She has gone from being a plugged-in startup head to ditching her iPad, quitting Facebook, and otherwise trying to figure out the pros and cons of her relationship with technology. She’s also started a new brand, Cera Company, which...

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02 September 2013

Change the Way Windows Runs Depending on the Time of Day


Every day, the sun rises, marches through the sky, and then sets. The world changes with it as people wake up, go about their business, and then rest. But your computer just sits there all day, only acknowledging the change in time by updating its clock. Your computer is the same at night as it is during the day, even though it would make sense to adjust some settings automatically. There are a variety of third-party tools for Windows that can change the way your computer acts as the day goes on, from changing your screen’s color temperature to setting...

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4 Fantastic Tools to Manage Your Massive MP3 Collection


Music library management can be an entirely frustrating experience, especially if you have years of unorganized music waiting to be sorted and labeled properly. Poor music library management will come back and bite you later when you’re listening to music on-the-go and you can’t navigate your songs without confusion. Fortunately, there are a few great tools made specifically to help you in these things. I purge my music collection on a regular basis so I, admittedly, don’t have a huge music library, but it’s still large enough that I avoid organizing it due to the inevitable headaches. I can’t imagine...

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How To Boot From ISO File


Now-a-days, many of us use advanced backup tools such as Redo Backup, Macrium Reflect, and Acronis True Image. Almost every good backup software out there lets you create rescue media so that you can quickly restore a previously created backup image without booting into Windows. While it’s always a good idea to create a rescue […]

8 Really Geeky But Creative Ways To Use QR Codes At Home

Creative Ways To Use QR Codes At Home

The plain-Jane QR code had a hi-tech beginning – Toyota used them in their manufacturing process for scanning automobile components. From there, QR codes have made the journey to even fashion ramps. That demonstrates their popularity, but not quite their usefulness. We need to give more examples. Tim gave a few when he talked about some great uses for QR codes. QR – Quick Response – codes have three noteworthy features. QR codes transport URLs very well. You can make them yourself easily, and you can read them just as easily with the many barcode scanning apps available for smartphones...

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How To Transfer Big Files From PC To PC


There are a couple of ways to transfer files from one computer to another. Transferring files using USB drives is one of the common and most popular methods since it doesn’t require configuring computer settings. While one can always share files between two PCs without a USB drive, you need to enable and configure file […]

01 September 2013

Blogging and Internet Marketing Brought me a Car and an Own Flat

Its been around 2 years I entered into this Online Marketing world and was able to get a little success today.I don't say I have done extraordinarily well but has done a decent job and earning a decent income via blogging/Internet Marketing.

The main motto behind me start blogging was to make some quick money online and support my family financially with my computer skills.But the things were not that easy and it took almost 6 months for me to make a single penny online.At this stage I make a decent income online.Cannot reveal the exact figure how much I make as of now but I make a 4 figure income i.e $XXXX/month.If all my plans go well then I must be making a 5 figure income by the end of October.

Currently I am financially independent and I take care of all the financial aspects of my family.

  • If you are not aware of I am still pursuing my Engineering as a part of my academics.The good news is that I gonna finish it this year.I hope I will not drop out of my education before I finish it :)

Coming to the point,good news is that I just bought a Car yesterday and most of the money spent for it was the hard earned money via blogging.I also wanted to share one more thing that I helped few lakh's to my mom who is the head of my family to buy a flat. So Blogging helped my family to own a new flat and a brand new car, Rtiz VXI.

Me and Mom getting into car at the show room(Sorry about the low quality image,it was captured during night)

My final words are. if you are a Blogger then explore new strategies and expand your income ways instead of sticking to one network.Never put all your eggs in a single basket.

If you are not a blogger I am not saying you to do blogging but whatever you do put your best into it ,involve yourself completely.I am sure success will be yours.Thank you friends for reading my post patiently :)

The Top Android Apps on the Google Play Store

This is an updated list of the top Android Apps that have amassed more than 50,000,000 downloads on the official Google Play store.

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Web Of Discretion: When Not To Trust Web Of Trust


Are you sure that you can completely trust one of the Internet’s most popular resources in online security? Web of Trust is a website that comes advertised as a full-featured browser plugin or extension to assist you in immediately judging the trustworthiness of a website. It’s something that we’ve covered time and time again here at MakeUseOf, and it’s even made it to our list of best websites on the Internet. Many of us know it as one of the most useful resources in web security, and I personally know that a good portion of our MakeUseOf staff are big...

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Easily Copy Files from One Cloud Service to Another

Moving from Dropbox to Google Drive or SkyDrive. You can use mover to easily copy all your files from one cloud storage service to another, over the cloud.

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Panoramio Redesign

Google's Panoramio service has been redesigned and now looks just like a Google Maps extension. The new interface (codenamed "acrylic") is borrowed from Google Maps Views. You can go back to the old UI by clicking "Return to classic Panoramio".

"We've made photos the hero on the page while still keeping the important features that people enjoy. On the photo page, by far the most popular on the site, we've made the photo over three times bigger! We've also made thumbnails on the profile page and the world map significantly bigger. We know that Panoramio members have used the existing design for years, so the 'classic' version will still be available for a little while," mentions the Panoramio blog.

Panoramio has a lot of great photos from all over the world and it's an important source of high-quality photos for Google Maps and Google Earth. That's the reason why Google acquired the service back in 2007.

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Google Keyboard Themes

If you use the stock Android keyboard, which is also available in the Play Store, you can change the look and feel of the keyboard. Google Keyboard has a few themes you can choose, but they're not available in the settings.

Here's a quick way to pick a different theme, assuming your device runs Android 4.0 or later:

1. you first need an application that lets you create shortcuts to app activities. Some apps that let you do that: Nova Launcher and Apex Launcher, probably the best Android launchers. The following instructions assume you've installed Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher, but you can also use simple apps like Activity Getter.

2. long press the homescreen and pick "shortcuts" and then "activities".

3. scroll to the Google Keyboard entry, expand the list of activities and pick "Android keyboard debug settings".

4. you'll create a shortcut for this activity. Tap the new shortcut and you should see this settings page:

5. tap "Keyboard theme" and pick one of the themes: Basic, Basic (High Contrast), Stone (normal), Stone (bold), Gingerbread. IceCreamSandwich is the default theme.


Stone (normal):


6. use the shortcut you've created to change the theme.

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