28 July 2013

Download AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro For Free


When it comes to disk partitioning, Windows users have a couple of good, free and user friendly software to choose from. There are popular tools such as EaseUS Partition Master and Mini Tool Partition Wizard Home, Paragon Partition Manager, and even the native Disk Management tool in recent versions of Windows is pretty good and [...]

Are You Getting Yourself A Chromecast? [MakeUseOf Poll]


Last week we asked you about BitTorrent, and whether you use it or not. If you read last week’s poll you already know that BitTorrent is not illegal, only some files are illegal, and there are many legal ways to use the protocol. Legality aside, it seems that a large number of you are going the same way when it comes to BitTorrent. Which way is that? Out of 510 votes in total, these are the results: 8% never use BitTorrent, 10% use BitTorrent only when there is no other alternative, 25% use it from time to time, and 56%...

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop: Better Than Red Hat?


Recently, I took a closer look at Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or “RHEL”, to see how good of an enterprise desktop operating system it really is. I found that it’s a top quality product, and Fedora users would be extremely familiar with it (no surprise there). However, Red Hat isn’t the only company in the Linux enterprise desktop market — there’s also SUSE. While aiming towards the same goals, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, or “SLED” which costs $120 for a one-year subscription, and offers different technologies and software to get the job done. But just what can SLED offer, and...

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