05 January 2014

How I Made over $2000 with an Event Based Niche Blog in Less than 7 Days - Case Study

Hello friends, firstly a very happy new year to you all. My new year started with a blast. I am not saying that I partied hard but I created a even based niche blog targeting the new year eve and it just rocked. The best thing is I exactly worked for about 7 days on the blog and it made me over $1500 via Adsense and over $500+ in sales of my Blogging Coaching.

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Pandora Introduces Musical Alarm Clock for Android


That shrill ring of the alarm clock (or app) in the morning is something none of us look forward to, so online radio giant Pandora is changing things up a bit by launching an alarm feature on its Android app. The Pandora alarm clock for iOS was released in early December. The alarm clock feature of Pandora 5.1 for Android works like any alarm app you may have used (and there really are some unique alarm clocks out there). Set the time you want to wake up for and Pandora will ring when the alarm goes off, playing music that...

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