24 March 2013

Is The Future Of Our Jobs Online? [MakeUseOf Poll]

Last week we asked you about the upcoming demise of Google Reader, and what you think about it. Over 1,000 readers voted in this poll, and the results were the most unanimous I can remember seeing. Despite that, not everyone think it’s a bad decision. So how did you vote?

Out of 1,107 votes in total, this was the breakdown: 1.5% think it’s excellent news and didn’t like Reader anyway, 4.5% don’t care about Google Reader, 10% like the service but understand Google’s decision to close it, and a full 81% think it’s horrible news and a bad decision from Google. 3% of the voters don’t know what Google Reader is. At this point, they’re probably the lucky ones.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

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This week’s poll question is: Is The Future Of Our Jobs Online?

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20 years ago, almost nothing was done online. Today, many of us don’t get up in the morning to go to the office, but move from the bed to the desk instead, doing all of or work online. 20 years ago, this was hard to imagine, but even today, most people still get up in the morning and go to work. This is true even for those who work in jobs that can be easily done online from home, and there’s something to be said about working in the same room with your colleagues, and not depending on emails and Skype calls. Where do you think the future lies? Will more and more jobs become online only?

What would be the effect of more jobs moving from offices to homes? What kinds of jobs will never change, no matter who good technology becomes? Discuss in the comments!

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