09 February 2014

Chromebooks — Yes Or No? [MakeUseOf Poll]

samsung chromebook

Last week we asked if you plan on buying Google Glass one day. Google Glass is a pretty controversial device, with strong voices on each side telling us how useless/useful it is. So how do these opinions reflect on you, our readers? 467 readers voted, and all in all, it does seem like Google Glass has a chance with you. 6% of the voters will buy Google Glass as soon as it’s available, 12% will buy it only if its price drops under $800, 17% will never ever buy it no matter what, 24% don’t plan on it but might...

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Google Search Debug Info

Sometimes Google's files reveal internal information. Here's some debug info for Google Search: it looks like many search features are actually server-side plugins and Google measures the time taken to load them. There are plugins for social posts, knowledge panels, rich snippets, product ads, forum clusters, Gmail results, health results, hacked sites, hashtags, empty results, science links, Korea features and more. Click the image to see a bigger version.

{ Thanks, Florian K. }

YouTube Tests New Mobile Site UI

YouTube tests a new interface of the mobile site. It's closer to the mobile app UI, it shows the description and the number of likes and dislikes, a red "subscribe" button and action buttons are placed below the video.

There are other changes: the new YouTube logo, the "hamburger" menu, bigger thumbnails, new font, gray background.

{ Thanks, Nedas. }