13 April 2014

Search Tips for Chrome App Launcher

Chrome's app launcher has an interesting way to match results. Let's say you want to open Google Play Music. You can search for google play music, play music or you can just type the the first letter from each word and search for gpm. It also works if you type the first letters from the first word, followed by the first letters from the second word and so on. For example, you can also search for goplm, gplam, gmu.

Another example: launch Mahjong Solitaire by searching for ms.

{ via Fran├žois Beaufort. }

Public Transit Directions in Google Search

Google Search not only shows driving directions, it also shows a card for public transit directions. This feature seems to be limited to trains, even if Google says that it should also work for buses. Another limitation is that this feature only works in the US.

"Find the best route to travel using public transportation without ever leaving the Google Search page. For example, if you're in New York and traveling from Fulton Street to Times Square, you can search [from columbus circle to times square by train] to find information about the next train that's leaving. You can also search for directions between cities, like [seattle to portland by train]," informs Google.

Click the Settings button to specify the date and time for your departure or arrival.

You can also append to your query "arriving by 5 pm" or "departing at 6 pm".

How Many Books Do You Have On Your eReader? [MakeUseOf Poll]


Before we get into last week’s poll, I owe all of you an apology. It seemed that due to some script glitch, the poll itself disappeared from the page a day after it was published, meaning only a handful of you got to vote before it was gone. Therefore, the results we got for this poll are not as accurate or as representative of our readers as they usually are. What can I say, no one’s perfect! In the 24 hours the poll was around, over 200 of you managed to vote. Here is how you voted: 8% say they...

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