01 April 2016

Thumbnails Next to Google's Results for Similar Pages

If you click the small arrow next to the URL of a search result in the desktop Google interface, you'll usually see 2 menu items: "cached" and "similar". The second option lets you find related pages and it's rarely used.

It looks like Google now shows thumbnails next to the search results if the query includes the related: operator. Here's an example for [related:https://avocado.io avocado], a query automatically triggered by the "similar" link.

31 March 2016

Save Images in Desktop Google Search

Last year, Google added a feature that allowed you to save image search results and organize them using tags. This feature was only available in the mobile interface, but now you can use it on the desktop too. Just click the "save" button next to an image search result and then click "view saved" to go to google.com/save and manage your saved images.

"This feature is currently available in the US when you search for images on desktop and in your mobile browser. To try it out, make sure you're logged into your browser with your Google Account; then you can start image searching and saving," informs Google.

The site mentions that the "website links you save using the Save to Google extension for Chrome can also be found here," but I couldn't find this extension. There's a Save to Google Drive extension, but it only saves images and screenshots to Google Drive.

Google April Fools' Day 2016

April Fools' Day is an important day for Google because there are a lot of hoaxes and crazy features to show.

Google Japan announced a Physical Flick Bluetooth keyboard (translation). It's called Furikku and the circuit board and firmware are open source. The keyboard is actually the hardware version of Google's Japanese input software for Android.

"The device consists of a button that users can ‘push’ and also a sensor that detects ‘flick’ actions. There are 12 sensors and 8 complementary action buttons so a total of 20 sensors in the device. This device can be employed by users who are accustomed to typing letters on their smartphones, but not on their desktop keyboards," mentions Google.


Google Knowledge Graph Cards Add Share Button

Google's Knowledge Graph cards added a button that lets you share the search results pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or by sending an email. You're actually sending a link to the entire search page, not just to the card.

Knowledge Graph cards include a lot of useful information extracted from various web pages and other resources: images, official homepage, social network pages, Wikipedia descriptions, useful facts, events, quotes and more.