10 July 2015

A Privacy Reminder From Google

After signing in to my Google account, Google showed a new page called "a privacy reminder from Google." Here's Google's explanation: "To be consistent with data protection laws, we're asking you to take a moment to review key points of Google's Privacy Policy. This is not about a change we've made - it's just a chance to review the key points below."

The page shows a list of information processed when you use Google and a list of reasons why it's processed. Google also explains how it uses data to improve user experience and lets you adjust some privacy controls (account history, ads settings, opt out of Google Analytics data collection). "These features work because of the information you choose to store with Google. But that's up to you. The controls in your Google Account let you decide what information you want Google to put to work on your behalf," informs Google.

My Account, Added to Google App Launcher

When Google launched My Account, a new interface for Google Account Settings, it added a shortcut to the app launcher, but only users who weren't logged in and for those who haven't customized the app launcher. Unfortunately, Google didn't provide a way to add the shortcut for all the other users.

Now the "My Account" shortcut has been automatically added to the app launcher at the bottom of the "More" section, so you need to click "More" to see it. You can always customize Google's navigation menu using drag and drop.

Gmail Promotes Google Inbox

Gmail changed the text that's displayed when you don't have any message in your inbox. Now Gmail promotes Google Inbox: "No new mail! Want to hit inbox zero more often? Try our new app, Inbox by Gmail."

So why can you hit inbox zero more often if you use Google Inbox? You can snooze emails until you're ready to deal with them, you can open attachments, watch videos, open news articles and read important information extracted from a message without having to open it. For example, Google Inbox shows flight status next to flight reservation emails and package tracking links next to order updates from Amazon or other shopping sites.

{ Thanks, Ryan Goldstein. }