06 June 2015

New Logo for Video Hangouts

Jeremy Couch, a reader of this blog, noticed that video Hangouts have a new logo. Instead of the Google+ logo, Hangouts uses the Google logo.

Right now, Hangouts is a Google+ feature and it's also available inside Gmail, Google Inbox and as standalone apps for Chrome, Android and iOS. Maybe Google plans to detach Hangouts from Google+.

{ Thanks, Jeremy. }

10-Day Weather Cards in Google Mobile Search

Google's weather card for mobile devices now shows 10-day forecasts. Just swipe to the left to see the rest of the forecast.

Here are some screenshots for [weather in London]:

Until now, mobile weather cards only included 6 days. Google Now cards for weather are still limited to 5 days, while desktop cards show weather forecasts for 8 days.

04 June 2015

Google My Account Promos

Google promotes the new interface of the Google Account settings page, which is now called My Account. "Google gives you the tools to control your privacy and security," informs a promotional card.

It's interesting to notice that "My Account" replaced "View Profile" in the panel that shows up when you click the profile picture from the navigation bar. "Profile" is now a small link next to "Privacy".

Here's the old UI:

From Google+ Notifications to Google Notifications

Google's navigation bar has a bell icon that shows the number of unread Google+ notifications and lets you read them. Google has recently renamed this section from "Google+ notifications" to "Google notifications" and added a special icon next to Google+ notifications.

Google also shows notifications for YouTube and Blogger, but most notifications should be for Google+. Until now, Google added icons for events and circles, but not for Google+ posts. Maybe the notification section will add support for other Google services.

{ Thanks, Frodo Baggins. }

Gmail's Basic HTML Warning

If you use this URL to open Gmail's basic HTML interface, you'll probably see this message:

"Do you really want to use HTML Gmail? You're about to use a version of Gmail designed for slower connections and legacy browsers. To get all of Gmail's features, including inbox categories, images, and quick actions, please use the latest version of Gmail (recommended)."

You can click "Take me to latest Gmail" or "I'd like to use HTML Gmail" if you really, really want to use it.

{ Thanks, Luiz Pimenta. }

01 June 2015

Google+ Photos Redirects to Google Photos

Now that Google launched a new photo sharing service (Google Photos), it's interesting to see what happens with Google+ Photos.

Google has a new Android app for Google Photos. Until now, the Google Photos shortcut linked to the Google+ app. A recent update to the Google+ app removed the Photos section, so you can no longer check your photos from Google+.

The desktop Google+ site redirects users to the new Google Photos and shows this message: "Google Photos gives your personal photos a comfy new home. Photos shared in Google+ remain part of your Google+ profile." There's also a link to Google+ Photos.

Picasa Web Albums, Google+ Photos and the new Google Photos are different interfaces for the same photo library. Now that Google Photos no longer requires Google+, it's likely that Google can finally retire Picasa Web Albums and replace it with Google Photos.

Google's Navigation Bar Removes Google+ Integration

When you are logged in, Google's navigation bar shows your name next to the app launcher. Until now, Google added a "+" next to the name and linked to Google+. Starting today, Google no longer links to Google+ and the "+" prefix has been removed. You can still find the Google+ shortcut in the app launcher.

It's another change which shows that Google+ will take a back seat and will no longer be promoted as a standalone service.

{ Thanks, Juan. }