05 January 2013

7 Windows Frustrations You Can Quickly Fix

Windows might be popular, but it isn’t perfect. There are a number of frustrating things that can occur while using a Windows desktop – from windows disappearing off your screen to annoying pop-ups and notification messages. We’ll show you how to quickly fix these common Windows frustrations and get back to work (or play).

This article doesn’t cover the frustrations you might experience while using Windows 8. If you’re craving a Start menu or a way to boot directly to the desktop, be sure to check our our list of Start menu alternatives for Windows 8. To learn more about Windows 8, download our free guide to getting started with Windows 8.

Wandering Taskbar

If your taskbar has become untethered and is moving around your screen, from edge to edge, you can quickly fix this problem. Click the taskbar, hold the mouse button down, and drag it to the bottom of your screen. Right-click it and select Lock the taskbar – this will prevent the taskbar from moving around on your screen.


Of course, if you want to move the taskbar to another edge of your screen, you can right-click it, unlock it, and drag it to another edge. Be sure to lock it when you’re done.

You can also change the taskbar’s location from the taskbar’s properties dialog. Right-click the taskbar, select Properties, and use the Taskbar location on-screen option.

Extra-Large Taskbar

If your taskbar is too tall, you’ve probably accidentally resized it. To shrink it, first make sure it’s unlocked (right-click it and ensure Lock the taskbar is unchecked).

Move your mouse cursor to the top of the taskbar. You’ll see an arrow cursor appear. Click and drag to make the taskbar shorter. Be sure to lock the taskbar when you’re done.


Hidden Taskbar

If your taskbar is hidden and only appears when you move your cursor to it, you can prevent it from hiding itself. Right-click the taskbar, select Properties, and uncheck the Auto-hide the taskbar checkbox.


If you want the taskbar to automatically hide itself so it won’t distract you, you can instead enable the Auto-hide the taskbar option from here.

Rescue a Lost Window

Application windows sometimes manage to escape from the screen. You may see part of a window but be unable to grab its title bar and drag it back onto the screen, or you may not see any part of the window at all.

To rescue a lost window, bringing it back onto the visible area of your screen, hold the Shift key, right-click its icon on your taskbar, and click the Move option. Press the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the window around, moving it back towards the visible area of your screen.

move window from taskbar

Disable Popup Tips

Many windows programs use “balloon” style tips that pop up from your notification area (also known as your system tray). If you never want to see any of these balloon tips, you can disable them completely. This won’t affect programs that implement their own tips, only the ones that use the balloon-style tips included with Windows.

If you don’t want to see any tips, you’ll need to disable them in the registry. Press the Windows key, type regedit, and press Enter. Browse to the following key in the registry editor:


Right-click in the right pane, point to New, and select DWORD Value.


Name the DWORD value EnableBalloonTips. Double-click it and enter a value of 0.


Log out of Windows or restart your computer. Your changes will take effect when you log back in.

Disable Action Center Notifications

The Action Center included with Windows provides a variety of messages, including ones about available Windows updates, your firewall, and whether you have antivirus software installed. There are also messages that prompt you to run regular backups and troubleshoot problems with Windows or your applications when crashes or freezes occur.

If you never want to see these messages, you can disable all Action Center notifications completely. First, open the Action Center by clicking the flag-shaped icon in your system tray and selecting Open Action Center. Click the Change Action Center settings option in the sidebar and uncheck all the types of notifications you don’t want to receive.


If you’re still encountering other annoying desktop notifications, read 5 Distracting Desktop Notifications & How To Turn Them Off.

Restore Hidden Notification Area Icons

The Windows notification area was once a simple place for long-running applications and system icons. However, it’s been abused by so many programs that there are now multiple ways to hide and show the icons that appear here. If an icon is hidden, you’ll generally find it hidden behind the little arrow icon.

However, system icons can be hidden in two ways. A system icon – such as the volume, power, or Wi-Fi icons – can be hidden behind the arrow or disabled entirely. To control which icons are displayed in your system tray, right-click the taskbar, select Properties, and click the Customize button under Notification area.

Use the options here to control which icons are displayed. You can enable or disable system icons by clicking the Turn system icons on or off link. We’ve covered managing and tidying your system tray icons in the past – check out that article for more details and tricks.

 windows system tray

Have you run into any other common frustrations while using Windows? Leave a comment and share any solutions you’ve found!

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A More Effective Way of Posting Links on Facebook Pages

Facebook Share Statistics

Your Facebook Page has thousands of fans but when you share a link on that page, however interesting that link may be, it gets little or no attention. Why?

Well, your fans aren’t checking your Facebook Page and for them to see your link, it has to appear in their respective news feeds. The big challenge is how do you make that happen?

Facebook obviously has algorithms in place that decide what content should be highlighted in a user’s news feed but here’s a quick tip that may increase the likelihood of your content appearing in your fans’ news feeds.

The idea is that you should avoid posting links as links. Instead, upload a large-sized photo and put the original link in the description of the picture. You may see some examples on the Digital Inspiration Page.

Facebook Pages with Photos

Earlier, around 10K Facebook users would notice links posted on the labnol.org Facebook Page. Ever since I switched the posting style from link-only to picture+link, the average viewership of posts has jumped north as is evident in the above screenshot.

It maybe a good idea to put the link at the beginning of a photo’s description as Facebook will only display the first 3 lines of the description in the news feed. Also, consider using short URLs as you then get more space for the putting text in those 3 lines.

The other advantage is that your Facebook Fans can switch your page’s Photo Stream and get a visual archive of all your recent posts.

And this approach works on Google Plus as well (see example).

Related tutorial: How to Create Custom Facebook Pages

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Get the Most Out of your Kindle Reader with Free Tools

04 January 2013

Amahi On Ubuntu: Must-Have Extras For Your Linux Home Server

A few weeks ago I went through the process of setting up a home server using an old computer, a copy of Ubuntu and Amahi, a free home server that comes with its own repository of extras. Loosely referred to as an “app store” by some, once you’ve set up Amahi, it’s easy to add additional services to your server in just a couple of clicks.

If you’ve just installed your home server or are looking for Ubuntu-specific additions then this article is for you. Not all extras work on the new Ubuntu version of Amahi, and you’ll want to be careful not to install additional packages in Ubuntu itself which can damage your Amahi install and jeopardise your server.

We’ll be taking a look at the must-have free and paid extras that’ll take your home server to the next level.

Installing & Buying Apps

In your personal Amahi settings (accessible by typing hda/ into your browser and logging in with your Ubuntu credentials) there is a list of free add-ons under the Apps menu. Many of these are quality freebies, though don’t be surprised to find them a bit out of date. A better source of more up-to-date add ons is the Amahi App Store, which you can log in to using your Amahi credentials.

Anything you buy or download here will be downloaded to and installed on your home server, negating the need for you to really do anything beyond click a few buttons.

Note: As mentioned above, not all add-ons work with the Ubuntu-friendly Amahi install, which is why James’ older article about Amahi’s extensions might not be very useful unless you’re running Fedora. Be sure to check the compatibility of your server before buying new extras!

DLNA for Amahi ($4.99)

If you only spend $5 on your home server, spend it here. DLNA for Amahi is a port of the highly popular MiniDLNA project, optimised for all versions of the home server. If you want to stream music, video and images to DLNA/UPnP devices across your house then this is the software that will enable you to do it.

The one thing this streamer lacks is transcoding ability, which means your server will not convert your content to the best possible format before streaming it.

This means your clients (TVs, games consoles, media centres) will need to be able to natively decode incoming audio and video. This can be a problem if you’re streaming videos wrapped in an .MKV container, though due to the prevalence of H.264 and MPEG4 compression there’s a good chance a lot of your videos will work on newer devices.

A lack of transcoding might be seen as a plus by some, especially if your server uses very old hardware or is lacking in the GPU department. It also doesn’t change the fact that you could transcode the content yourself if you’re desperate to watch something, there are lots of free solutions for this.

Transmission ($3.99)

The whole point of a home server (for most) is to provide easy access to network drives. The ability to add more storage as and when you need it is just one of the benefits of having your own server, and with all that space it makes sense to put it to use for your download and sharing needs with an app like Transmission.

Transmission is one of the best standalone BitTorrent clients you can install on your non-Windows machine, it’s simple, elegant, comes with a great web UI and according to the developers this Amahi-optimised version “just works” from the get-go. Once set up the web interface works great from tablets and smartphones too, so you can sit on the sofa administering downloads with your iPhone without reaching for a laptop.

CrashPlan ($3.99)

The Amahi CrashPlan app serves two main purposes – to back up your PCs locally, for free and to upload data to the CrashPlan servers using the CrashPlan+ service which must be paid for. CrashPlan offer a range of plans and though they’re not the only online backup provider, they’re a very reasonable one. If you’re not planning on purchasing a plan you might still be interested, given what the CrashPlan client can do.

Backup PCs locally and remotely for free – simply enter a friend’s code and keep a copy of each other’s important documents in two locations at once. Optionally you can set up backups from all your main PCs to your home server. In the event of data loss you’ll be glad you had all that data backed up locally, rather than having to download gigabytes of data over the course of hours.

SABnzbd Plus ($3.99) & Sick Beard ($3.99)

SABnzbd Plus is a Usenet client which enables you to download files using one of the world’s oldest filesharing methods. Sick Beard is a plugin which you may want to install if you’re hot on Usenet. Together, they make an excellent team and ensure you’ve got things to watch even if you haven’t specifically downloaded anything.

Tell Sick Beard about your favourite TV shows and it will automatically search for old and new episodes for you to watch. When it finds one it will send the .NZB to SABnzbd Plus and your download will begin. This is basically a modern PVR, and if you like the concept you might want to check out Couch Potato (also $3.99) which is designed to do the same thing except with movies, though it’s not 100% there on Ubuntu just yet.

Amahi Sync (Free)

Built to sync, share and back up files, Amahi Sync monitors shares of your choosing for incoming files and then makes them available online whenever you need them. Access your shared files anywhere you want, with only the only limitations being the speed of your internet connection and available space. Files are available either via logging in and using the web interface or publicly using your username.amahi.me/Public/ folder which makes sharing files you’ve got at home with friends and family easier than ever.

Android users might want to check out the Amahi Sync for Android app designed especially for use with this add-on in mind.

ownCloud (Free)

An app that works in much the same way to Amahi Sync above, ownCloud provides universal access to files wherever you are. The free add-on provides more than just access to files and has built in functionality for music streaming, sharing with others, WebDAV access and basic editing features direct from your browser. Sync contacts, calendars and bookmarks across all your devices using ownCloud on your personal server.

Jinzora (Free)

Finally if you’d like to be able to access your media from anywhere with an Internet connection, Jinzora is one PHP-powered solution that’s designed to let you do that. Unlike DLNA above, Jinzora is designed for online media retrieval and supports transcoding to do so. This means you can watch most media files on your smartphone, laptop or other compatible online device.

Coming Soon: Amahi Time Machine ($4.99)

Unfortunately the Mac-friendly backup add-on that turns your server into a ready and waiting remote Time Machine isn’t ready for Ubuntu users just yet, but keep an eye on it if it’s something you’re interested in.

What are you favourite Amahi add-ons? Did we miss any? Add your recommendations in the comments.

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03 January 2013

Love World Cinema? Check Out The Korean Film Archive [Stuff to Watch]

korean film archiveThe Korean Film Archive, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation of Korean film has been busy sharing select entries from its archive over the past year. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Korean, English subtitles have been provided courtesy of Google.

The Korean film archives are vast and there are now nearly 70 titles available for immediate streaming, with older 30s and 40s films as well as newer 90s releases. The uploads are not necessarily highly celebrated populist pictures like Oldboy or The Host, but they’re culturally relevant enough to tick the boxes if you’re into Asian and world cinema.

They’re also completely free to enjoy on your PC or YouTube-enabled TV or media centre.

The Road To Race Track

A 1991 drama that’s currently topping the Korean Film Archive’s “Top 10” list and has seen over 70,000 views, The Road To Race Track tells the story of a relationship breakdown, the harsh reality of old age and deceit. A dialogue-heavy tale of a two lovers and conflicting priorities, this is one for those of you who enjoy a good story-driven tale that’s not reliant on special effects to move its audience.

korean film archive

Woman Of Fire

A woman who volunteers to work at a farm in the hope of marrying well becomes entangled in a love triangle which turns sour. Another drama, though this time with lashings of murder and betrayal for good measure. Woman of Fire is a 1971 film brimming with insights into Korean life and society, recommended for fans of a good tragedy.

korean films

Carnivorous Animal

When Kim Dong-sik feels threatened by his wife’s thriving business he starts to feel incompetent and resorts to an affair as a means of escape. Before long he finds himself supporting two women, with two lives. When the two women make an unspoken pact to share their man, Dong-sik starts to wish he was tied to neither woman in this 1984 romantic flick.

korean films

Aimless Bullet

Aimless Bullet is not a happy film, and instead documents a very unstable time in a man’s life which seems to go from bad to worse. After a rough upbringing with an unhinged mother, sister who is a prostitute and malnourished pregnant wife, Cheol-ho simply doesn’t earn enough money to live comfortably. The story continues along a suitably bleak path, so be prepared for some heartache before settling down to this one.

korean films

The General’s Son

A 1990 action adventure about Kim Doo-han, a beggar who lost his mother at an early age and has made his living singing on the street. Of course, he’s also in possession of some formidable fighting skills and soon learns he is the son of an esteemed General who helped fight off occupying Japanese forces. The story then turns its attention to the Yakuza gangs looking to expand their influence in Doo-han’s area – it’s then up to him to protect and win over the support of the locals.

korean film industry


A comedian convinces a barber to sell his shop and follow him into a life of making movies and showbiz. Along their way the two encounter a beauitful woman on the run from gangsters, and decide to start making their mark on the world of cinema. When a soldier who has deserted the army hands over his gun, bank robbery and criminal records await – but is everything quite as it seems?

korean film archive

Watch More

You can keep an eye on the KFA (not to be confused with this KFA) at the official website or by following “KoreanFilm” on YouTube. As ever, if we spot more quality world cinema on the big bad interwebs then you’ll find it in a future Stuff to Watch. Feel free to submit your own videos or links in the comments.

Do you like world cinema? Any favourite movies? Let us know in the comments below.

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In Your Face (Book): How To Integrate Facebook With Browser

facebook in browserOur social lives naturally revolve around networks, both offline and online. Many fundamental human needs can – at least partially – be met on online social networks. Facebook in particular has experienced massive success by tapping into the human needs to participate, understand, create, identify, and relax. We use this social network to communicate and connect, update friends on what is going on in our lives, express how we feel, and share things we like. Facebook has become so important that many of us cannot imagine living without it.

Since Facebook is so important to us, we desire seamless integration of its features into our everyday life. To most of us this is a matter of convenience. Beware that the tools described below can easily distract you from other activities and foster an addiction to Facebook. Hence, if you are susceptible to checking Facebook too many times a day, I forbear you to set up Facebook browser toolbars, sidebars, or extensions. Those of you simply looking for simpler ways to quickly check into Facebook, however, shall read on.

Google Chrome

A Facebook extension for Chrome puts the social network at your fingertips in the browser toolbar. The extension eliminates the need to keep a tab with Facebook open because it offers direct access to all key features, for example news, messages, photos, and notifications. You can also update your status and share links directly via Facebook for Chrome.

facebook in browser

Since Facebook for Chrome also integrates into Chrome’s right-click menu, you can easily share anything with a URL by right-clicking the item and selecting Share on Facebook from the menu.

facebook browser support

MakeUseOf has also published a full review of Facebook for Chrome, which looks at the setup and all features in detail. The extension is lacking some of Facebook’s functionality, for example the chat and a full events calendar. However, the developers are continuously working on improvements.

Note that to fully function, the app requires full access to your Facebook account, including personal information, posting on your behalf, and accessing your Facebook inbox. You can refuse to grant some of these permissions, but they will reduce its usefulness.

If you think this extension is too much, you might prefer the Facebook Like Button extension for Chrome, which we have briefly introduced here.

Mozilla Firefox

Many Facebook add-ons are available for Firefox, but the browser actually supports Facebook integration, natively. The feature is hidden in about:config. It can easily be enabled by following the instructions below.

Open a new tab in Firefox, type about:config into the URL bar, and hit Enter. Acknowledge the warning and promise to be careful.

facebook browser support

Now search for the preference name social.enabled by typing this name into the search box. The default value of this preference is false. To set the value to true, double-click the item. The moment you enable this feature, a Facebook Messenger sidebar will pop up on the right-hand side.

facebook browser support

After you log in, the sidebar will show the latest updates and notifications, as well as a list of your online friends. Moreover, Facebook buttons in the top right of the browser indicate new notifications, messages, or friend requests. To be sure you don’t miss these, a notification pops up in the bottom right of your screen. Fortunately, all unnecessary distractions can be disabled through about:config.

facebook browser plugin

As you may have noticed, there are several more social.* settings available in about:config. For example you can change the value of the social.sidebar.open setting to false, which closes the sidebar, but keeps the toolbar buttons. Likewise, you can disable notifications popping up in the bottom right of your screen by setting the value of the social.toast-notifications.enabled setting to false.

facebook in browser

If you are interested in more or different ways to integrate Facebook into Firefox, try these 5.5 Great Firefox Extensions To Make Facebook Awesome.


Although there were speculations in early 2012 about Facebook acquiring Opera to turn it into a Facebook browser, Opera offers little native Facebook integration at present. However, Opera and Facebook have teamed up to develop the Facebook extension for Opera’s Speed Dial.

Opera’s Speed Dial is similar to Chrome’s new tab. Each empty new tab contains a list of favorite sites (dials) that the user wishes to access quickly. Speed Dial for Facebook adds more interactive extensions, but users report that it doesn’t always work.

An independent Facebook extension for Opera works similar like the Facebook extension for Chrome. A toolbar button expands to a popup window when clicked and allows you to check Facebook.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

For Internet Explorer 9, no Facebook extension or toolbar could be found that mimics the above browser integrations. It seems like users of Internet Explorer 9 are stuck with visiting Facebook.com for their daily dose of social connectedness. If you use an earlier version of Internet Explorer, however, you may have luck with Facebook Web Slice or the Facebook Toolbar. Please note that I cannot give a recommendation, since none of them did anything for me. Who uses Internet Explorer anyway?


Integrating Facebook into your browser is highly convenient, possibly distracting, and it potentially contributes to social network addiction. When Facebook is always in your face, you will definitely not miss out on anything your friends do, you will be reminded of events and birthdays, and you will share more (of) yourself. On the downside, however, you may miss out on real life.

Be mindful and try to keep a balance between interacting with people online, observing what they do with their lives, and living your own. Facebook can help you maintain friendships and get inspired, but it cannot replace reality.

For more about Facebook, refer to our (very) unofficial Facebook privacy guide.

How do you use Facebook and how do you manage not to spend too much time on the site?

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A New Year, A New You: How To Clean Up Your Facebook

clean up facebookLike social networking sites as a whole, Facebook can be a force for good, even though it seems to have been doing everything in its power to turn its userbase off, as of late. The problem is Facebook can also be a force for evil, but it’s more about how we, the people, use Facebook, than it is about how Facebook uses us. Essentially, if you stay on top of your account, maintaining your profile and not letting the data it leaks get out of hand, you can control Facebook rather than letting Facebook control you.

This isn’t actually that hard to do. As well as keeping up to date on the various changes made to site policy and regularly checking your privacy settings to ensure they are still doing what you want them to do, you should be cleaning up your Facebook on a regular basis. And what better time to do so than the new year.

Whether you call it a fresh start or a spring clean, the result is the same: a sparkling fresh Facebook organized enough for anyone to cope with. What follows are the main areas to focus on in order to clean up Facebook, and the methods to employ to achieve that goal.


clean up facebook

First up is your profile, the landing page for acquaintances old or new who clicks on your name. You may not have visited your profile in a long time, and that’s the first thing to rectify. Click on your name and see how the world sees you on Facebook. Then set to work making sure everything is up to date and as you wish it to be.

First, make sure your profile and cover photos are exactly as you’d want them to be. Is your profile photo recent and showing you in the best light possible? If a stranger was to see one photo of you, would you want it to be that particular one? Is your cover photo recent or at least relevant? Does it sum you and your personality up in a pleasing manner?

clean up facebook wall

Next up is the masses of information Facebook would like you to provide it with. Click on your profile and then click Update Info underneath your cover photo. You’ll be presented with a list of information and questions, and it’s simply a case of ensuring everything is up to date. You can of course leave it all blank, and this is one instance in which less could actually be more.

clean up facebook wall

Last but not least are your favorites, which can be found under Likes. These are the music, movies, books etc. that you’ve stated you like. Have they changed recently? Would you rather not provide that information any more? Either way, just click on any to be taken to the Facebook page of that favorite, where you can simply click Unlike to have it removed from your wall of Likes.


clean up facebook wall

Facebook has become something of a killer app for photos, with millions of people sharing billions of photos with family and friends. The problem is it’s easy to forget the amount of photos you have uploaded, and, more importantly, the nature of them all. As life moves on the photos we want to see and share changes, so it’s a good idea to regularly make sure all of the photos you have on Facebook are relevant.

Click on Photos and you can view them in a number of different ways. Go through and prune any you’d rather were no longer on Facebook, even if you have to download them first to ensure they’re not lost forever. Look for those which show you in a bad light, or which feature someone you no longer wish to be associated with. Always consider how you’d feel about a stranger viewing your collection of photos for the first time.


clean up facebook friends

Facebook doesn’t make it very easy to see all of the pages you have subscribed to or liked, but there is a way. Click on your profile, then click Likes, then click Show Other Pages. You’ll then get a long list of pages that you can use to decide which you still want to interact with. If there are any that you are no longer interested in just click through to them individually, click the Settings button and finally click Unlike.

After clearing the boards in this way you may want to find new pages to like, and strangely enough Facebook makes this process much easier. Simply click on Like Pages in the left-hand sidebar, and you’ll be presented with a list of recommendations. Click on any that interest you and you may find a gem that is kept in great shape.


clean up facebook friends

It’s very easy to be gently persuaded into joining groups on Facebook. If a friend sets one up then you may feel obliged to do so, as an obvious example. But every now and then you need to have a purge in order to save your sanity. Now is the time to do just that, and it’s surprisingly easy to manage the groups you’re a member of.

All of the groups you’re in will be displayed in the left-hand sidebar. If you no longer want to be a member of any of them then click on the Settings button and finally click Leave Group. A word of warning, however. Once you leave a group it will continue on without you, unless you were the sole administrator. So only leave if you’re happy to miss any future postings to that group.


clean up facebook friends

Apps are commonplace on Facebook, and that means you’ve likely added a great deal of them over the years. You’ve also likely forgotten about some of them, and if you no longer wish to use them it would be a good idea to remove them completely or at least limit their access to your account. Luckily apps have their own dedicated section on Facebook. Just click the Settings button, Account Settings, and then Apps.

You’ll then get presented with a list of the apps you use. First, scan the list and see if there are any you’d like to delete altogether. If so then simply click the small ‘x’ to remove them from your Facebook. Alternatively you can click Edit and change what the app does and what actions it notifies you of.


clean up facebook

Friends are the very essence of Facebook. If you have none then you may as well delete your account altogether, have too many and any chance of meaningful relationships and conversations occurring is gone. How many Facebook friends is too many? That’s for you to decide, but Dunbar’s number stands at 150, which is how many people an individual can theoretically maintain personal relationships with.

Friendships manifest in many different ways, and it’s for you to decide what level of friendship you want to retain with people on Facebook. The strictest would be sticking with family members, the loosest would be adding anyone who asks, even strangers. Whatever method you subscribe to, having an occasional purge is heartily recommended.

An alternative to actually deleting friends is organizing them into lists. You can then choose which groups of friends will receive each of your updates, and it makes the whole act of keeping up with everybody from blood relations through to random acquaintances a whole lot easier.


As noted at the start of this article, social networking only works for an individual if they’re willing to put the time and effort into maintaining their presence on each of the different sites. This is especially true if a site is free to use, as you’re then the commodity and everything you do on that network is data waiting to be used or sold.

Cleaning up your Facebook regularly is the only way to ensure you’re staying in control and able to keep a tight grip on this one aspect of your online life. The good news is it’s never too late to give your Facebook a nice dusting down, working through its many elements one by one. Follow these steps now, but also bookmark the article in order to repeat the process every few months.

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